Our services company set up and Japanese visa

We could offer a total services include company set up, getting Japanese
visa status and business licenses. We have 10 years setting up and visa
experiences from foreigners.

★To set up comany limited, the
flow is as belows.
Make articles incorporation
Notary’s attestation
Register the company  1-2 weeks
Begining business notice to tax office
Entering to social insurance

How to set up a company

★Next, you need to take visa status if
you want to work in Japan. There are 27 visa status in Japan.

★You need to take business licenses in some industries. It depends on your
business, such as secondhand, transportation, construction , liquor and
real estate industries.

★What’s highly skilled foreign professionals
Under the point based
system, foreign nationals recognized as Highly skilled foreign professionals
will be preferential immigration trearment as below.

  1. Grant of the 5years period of stay.
  2. Permission for the parents to accompany: conditions:over 8million yen salary
  3. Permission for a domestic worker to accompany :conditions:over 10 million yen salary
  4. Easing of requirements to permanent residence

Please see the details point system: Leaflet
of Immigration bureau of Japan

★The Immigration Law amended on 1 April 2015. 4Big changes are as folloews,

  • ①Create new visa status high skilled professinals
  • High skilled professinals1relax its conditions of annual salary for parents and domestic servant
  • High skilled professinals1can change 2 after 3 years.
  • High skilled professinal 2 can stay Japan forever and relax its restriction of work.
  • ②Investor involves not only foreign conpanies but Japanese companies.
  • ③Engineer and Specialist in Humanities are merged.
  • ④College Student involves elementary and Junior high school.

2014/8 I had a lecture about Visa status in Japan and 119 members attended it.Thanks for coming.

Feel free to contact us who is thinking below things

  • We’d like to employ foreigners, or I’d like to marriage foreigners.
  • I’d like to invest Japan or set up affiliate company. And ask to gain visa status and account.
  • I’d like to be natinalization.
  • My visa application was non recognitiion.
  • We’d like to invest Myanmar.
  • I’d like to get American Visa to go to Hawaii for sightseeing.
  • I’d like to search iheritors

We, Gyoseishoshi Lawyers support all of these problems with a lot of experiences.

Our clients ask us from thir first applicaions till to get PR.
We promise to establish a sincere relationship with you.

To check the Gyoseishoshi Lawyers →https://www.gyosei.or.jp/members/search/index.php
*Japanese only

Feel free to contact us

office@infoseek.jp 初回相談無料!!
03-3440-2925 (8:30〜18:00)

Director Takako Takeda’s ProFile
Ochanomizu University Literature-Education Department Graduation
Japan IBM
2004- Takeda Immigration Office Director
2006- Shinagawa Ward Office consultee

Immigration Law Practical Forum
Household Registration Procedure Association
International Practical Association


Even when she is busy, she always take time for me and hear my talk
sincerely,so I trust in her.
I could introduce her with confidence.
Her mail is easy to understand and very helpful. We appriciate she always answers our call fainly. She is quick at work.
She does right decision.
I rely on her.
Singapore Mr.L Rumania Ms.A
As she takes her task very speedy and reliable, I entrsut my visa application to her without any hesitation.
She is helpful with proper advise and detailed response.
My visa application was difficult and I was looking for a very good immigration solicitor . A friend of mine recommended miss Takeda because she is very experienced . From the moment I met her she was very friendly and kind . She is very professional and she easily found a solution for my visa application .
She is very efficient , she replies to all emails and phone calls no matter the time and she is always trying to help . I trusted her and I knew that with her help I will be able to get a residence card in Japan .
I am very grateful to her and happy that she managed to get my investor visa . I recommend her to everyone who has difficulties with their visa applications .
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